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quickbasic error Bassett, Wisconsin

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.; additional terms may apply. none 11 Division by zero You cannot divide any value by zero! Up to 8 filename characters, DOT, up to 3 letter extension. Inputpastend(62):This is an end of file error and occurs when an attempt is made to read from a file that was open for output or append.

If you do not want that to occur, either remove that DEF statement or add the proper DEF type statements to subsequent procedures. Check the keyword's syntax when necessary! I DOUBT THAT! The following table describes the error codes that are reported by the QB64 compiler, as well as possible causes and solutions: QB/64 Error Codes Code Description Common cause/Resolution QB64 Differences 1

QB64(like QB) will change all variable types in subsequent sub-procedures to that default variable type without giving a "Parameter Type Mismatch" warning or adding the proper DEF statement to subsequent procedures! Outofmemory(7):This error occurs when there is not enough free memory to be allocated for file buffers or strings. Privacy policy About Wikibooks Disclaimers Developers Cookie statement Mobile view General Home Legal Notice About Contact Sitemap Search Community QBasic Links Downloads Compiler DOS Compiler Windows Compiler QBasic Interpreter WIndows DisknotReady(71):This error occurs when the device that is being addressed is either nonexistent or unavailable to the program.

QB64 Error Codes Code Description Common cause/resolution QB Differences 258 Invalid handle Zero or bad handle values cannot be used by the QB64 procedure creating the error. I'm a new user of quickbasic ,and I'm working on a quickbasic implemented programme that my supervisour has created for analysing data with discriminant analysis statistics. It took me three hours to figure out why two nearly identical program portions acted so differently. Choosing Help gives a brief explanation and some key points to consider when tracking down the cause of the error.

File or path cannot be accessed. none 6 Overflow A numerical value has exceeded the limitations of a variable type. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. PLUS you have given some bad answers.

none 10 Duplicate definition You can't define a variable twice with DIM, the first time a variable is used it is also defined. none 72 Disk-media error. WRITEME N/A 58 File already exists. N/A Other Errors Syntax errors: QB64 will display most statement syntax and parameter errors in the Status area below the editing area in the IDE.

none 73 Feature unavailable. It can also occur if an attempt is made to convert a floating point number outside the range from -32768 to 32767 to integer. none 29 WHILE without WEND. FIELDoverflow(50):This error occurs when the end of the field buffer is encountered while doing sequential output to a random file, or a field statement attempts to allocate more bytes than were

The control returns once the program reaches a RESUME statement, which can either return control to the same point, the next statement, or any other desired label. N/A 13 Type mismatch A SUB or FUNCTION parameter does not match the procedure Declaration. Because the book provides the source code, you can even customize these routines to suit your specific needs.The modules disk runs on any IBM© or compatible microcomputer with a graphics board, Examples used throughout the book are useful for students and professionals in chemistry, physics, and engineering.

See also ERROR (simulates error), ERR (QB error code number), ERL (closest line number when line numbers are used) ON ERROR (calls error handing routine using GOTO only), _ERRORLINE (actual QB64 [email protected] Top burger2227 Posts: 1993 Joined: Mon Aug 21, 2006 12:40 am Location: Pittsburgh, PA Quote Postby burger2227 » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:37 pm YOU JUST replied to 6 posts they take on a new name within the SUB), any changes that are made to the values are 'reflected back' into the originals. Example 1 A little while ago I wanted to test some sort algorithms.

none 37 Argument-count mismatch The number of sub-procedure parameters do not match the call. save it and retry Also "QB" and "dos" don't like long file or folder names so what ever it is named does matter, as long as you keep it to less Remedy: Select some other filename. In some cases, possible remedies to correct the error are suggested.

Function 3 GOTO and GOSUB 4 ON ERROR 5 Declaring a subroutine 6 Declaring a function Purpose[edit] Subroutines and functions are ways to break up your code into reusable 'lumps'. none 62 Input past end of file. Calling a subroutine is as simple as writing the name of the subroutine (passing any required parameters). Try breaking the code up to smaller modules.

A few minutes later I had 30,000 randomly generated numbers in the range 1 - 30,000. Use FREEFILE to avoid duplicate OPEN file numbers. Function[edit] A procedure DOES something and does not return anything for the programmer. Microsoft Press made quite a few.

Folders up to 8 characters only. If you've asked a user to input something, what happens if they've given you a number larger than 32,676 and you've only provided enough storage for an integer. I have a QB tutorial download at: http://www.qbasicstation.com/index.php? ... &filecat=3 Download Q-Basics.Zip from the list and unzip it into your Qbasic folder. Ted Please acknowledge and thank members who answer your questions!QB64 is a FREE QBasic compiler for 32 or 64 bit WIN, MAC OSX and LINUX : http://www.QB64.NETGet my Q-Basics demonstrator here:Q-Basics.zip

Please try the request again. Though, yesterday while trying to run the program on the data obtained from the first run, I incurred in a error messsage saying that it was impossible to run the programme most likely you dont have it in a folder of the same name or on a different drive. The book covers the basics and then proceeds to more sophisticated programs using a disk (enclosed with the book) containing pretested procedures for important operations such as Graphing (screen, printers, plotters)Data

Any changes made within the GOSUB will be to actual variables used within the 'main' code. none 12 Illegal in direct mode A statement (like DIM) in the Immediate window wasn't allowed. I changed the logic slightly so that :- Create an array that contains the numbers 1 to 30,000 in order Generate a random number between 1 and the length of the none 53 File not found.

Remedy: Check “readiness” of the device (e.g., disk drive door closed, etc.) and/or correct program. none 5 Illegal function call A parameter passed does not match the function type or exceeds certain function limitations. Remedy: Correct the file mode in the open statement. This error also occurs if there is a failure in an attempt to execute a chain or run statement.