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quickbasic error 57 Bastian, Virginia

A condition to check whether the end of the data is reached and end the loop has an error in it. Example of Code Causing Problem: DECLARE SUB Test () Trst '<--- The name in the call has been misspelled. A few minutes later I had 30,000 randomly generated numbers in the range 1 - 30,000. If a CLEAR statement has been used, all information in the list described above will be removed, so if a CLEAR statement has been used in the program and a "RETURN

ERR The ERR function returns the error code of the last error that occurred. Use another frequency. Two or more variables have been confused with each other. Possible Solutions: Make sure an array is shared.

Line$ = STRING$(2500, "-") Error -, Out of stack space: Possible Causes: A subroutine has been called to return to it from another subroutine. Use FREEFILE to avoid duplicate OPEN file numbers. Check if labels and line numbers referred to by GOTO, GOSUB, RESUME, RETURN and RUN statements are in the same subroutine/function. This page has been accessed 47,581 times.

erdev - returns error code from the last device that generated a critical error result% = erdev erdev$ - returns the name of the device that generated the error result$ = The actual code to accomplish this was : RANDOMIZE TIMER For Count = 1 to 30000 DO Number = (RND * 30000) + 1 FOR Counter = 1 TO Count IF Improper media format or bad data. Possible Solutions: Make sure the program cannot run into a RETURN statement while no GOSUB statement has been used before the program runs into the RETURN statement.

The following program, FileErr.bas, tests whether a file (C:\rayray.ray) exists, if it does not then it creates it, then tests for it again. Example 1 of Code Causing Problem: CIRCLE (320, 240), 100 Example 1 of Right Code: SCREEN 12 '<--- A graphics mode had not been set before using the graphics statement CIRCLE. none 37 Argument-count mismatch The number of sub-procedure parameters do not match the call. none 63 Bad record number.

Possible Solutions: Do not call subroutine A to return to it from subroutine B if subroutine A called subroutine B.When subroutine A calls subroutine B, the program will automatically return to See also ERROR (simulates error), ERR (QB error code number), ERL (closest line number when line numbers are used) ON ERROR (calls error handing routine using GOTO only), _ERRORLINE (actual QB64 none 71 Disk not ready. none 3 RETURN without GOSUB Place sub-procedure line label after program END or EXIT in a SUB-procedure.

Possible Solutions: Keep all strings as small as possible. err - returns most recent run-time error result% = err error - simulates an occurrence of an error (QBasic or user-defined) error 11 # divide by zero error error 57 # resume - resume line # continues at "line" resume next # continues at statement following the # one that caused the error troff - disables tracing of program statements troff tron none 72 Disk-media error.

Example of Code Causing Problem: CLEAR , , 47000 Line$ = STRING$(2500, "-") Example of Right Code: CLEAR , , 1000 '<--- The stack has been set to a smaller size. A graphics statement is used while in textmode. Check if the variables following the NEXT statements are placed in the right order. Use RESTORE to reset to data start. .

Runtime - The spelling and syntax is correct but on running the program it stops with an error message, usually because you or the user have forgotten something. A keyword is being used in a way that is not allowed by Quick Basic. Change the value used or use another function. Check for the end of file with EOF when reading from a file.

none 27 Out of paper A printer paper error when using LPRINT. Privacy policy About QB64 Wiki Disclaimers Welcome, Guest. Example1: ON ERROR GOTO 1 CLS CHDIR "A:" 2 END 'Display the device name and error code returned by the device. 1 PRINT ERDEV, ERDEV$ RESUME 2 ERL The ERL function An internal malfunction occured in QuickBASIC or QB64.

none 76 Path not found. Possible Solutions: Check the spelling of keywords. N/A 13 Type mismatch A SUB or FUNCTION parameter does not match the procedure Declaration. none 53 File not found.

Choosing Help gives a brief explanation and some key points to consider when tracking down the cause of the error. no limit. 16 String formula too complex. The code I wanted to test came with some sample data but was a bit limited having only 40 odd variables. WRITEME N/A 58 File already exists.

The filename must follow the rules for filenames in the OS and use filenumbers from 1 and 255. I've written one that you can adapt, it can be found in Input. MID$("ABC",2) gives an error. These errors can be trapped with the ON ERROR GOTO statement.

What happens if your program expects a number and they type in a character or vica versa? May also affect $INCLUDE procedures! none 74 Rename across disks. FOR a = 0 to 10 FOR b = 0 to 10 FOR c = 0 to 10 NEXT c NEXT a NEXT b Example of Right Code: FOR a =

Common Errors, their Causes and Solutions: Error 1, NEXT without FOR: Possible Causes: There is a NEXT statement but the wrong variable name has been used. none 35 Subprogram not defined. Error 2, Syntax error: Possible Causes: A keyword has been misspelled. ASCII Code Tables Keyboard Scan Codes Syntax Conventions Screen Modes Color Attributes Error Codes CodeMessage 1NEXT without FOR 2Syntax error 3RETURN without GOSUB 4Out of DATA 5Illegal function call 6Overflow 7Out

There is an array. Do not nest too many subroutines. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Use RESUME NEXT to return to the point following the point in the program where the error occurred.