rimage error bringing gripper to top Millican Texas

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rimage error bringing gripper to top Millican, Texas

As explained before, the line thermal head 5 in the head-down position as shown by broken line in FIG. 7 contacts the platen roller 2 at a predetermined pressure of contact. As will be understood from the foregoing description, in the thermal transfer line printer of this embodiment, the pressure at which the heating roller 19 is pressed onto the intermediate transfer The carousel turntable 116 is rotatably controllable by a stepper or servo motor which is connected to carousel turntable beneath the base 112. Preferably, the program is designed such that the heating roller 19 is held in the weak contact state before the photo-sensor detects an alignment mark and, starting from the moment at

Image Server Error Codes Open the Image Server Error Codes document for the complete list. A verifier 160 may also be vertically stacked adjacent to frame 114. The method of claim 5 further comprising idly transporting the intermediate transfer sheet over a predetermined distance with the positioning mark as a reference, after proper alignment of the positioning mark. This will again bring the edge surface 68B against the underside of the shaft 46, and will urge the pivot screw 70 to the bottom of the bore for the pivots

Tip: For one of the bin settings you can select Output and Reject. The printer improves image quality and processing time, as explained below. A gripper 194 is used to slide over the spindles and grasp CD's. There are a number of variables involved, such as manufacturing tolerances in the processor, as well as variations of disc thickness and flatness that must be taken into account. [0011] In

Maintaining the state wherein the detectors 20 a and 20 b are positioned within the detecting range of the sensors 21 a and 21 b maintains both the rotational angle of If you are adding another session to the disc, clear the Use New Media option in QuickDisc. 41 The label rendering process, CD Designer, has not completed. For software suite 6.4 or earlier: One or more source files are not within the ISO 9660 rules. - If the ISO 9660 rules are strictly enforced, change the displayed file You may want to select a different type of image or select some of the other options in the Project/Settings and try this image again.

The transporter system is substantially the same as the above-described transporter. To replace ink cartridges, see your user guide for instructions. 7755 Invalid Photo cartridge (right). - Remove the invalid photo ink cartridge. - Install a Rimage authentic photo ink cartridge. 7756 The tray is reversed in direction applying the laminate film. To arrange to have more tolerance for operation, the tray 18 is provided with projections above surface 44 adjacent the edge of recess 40.

At the same time, the image is printed to the transfer sheet, 228. The laminating roller 24 is a heated roller that laminates a film from a web 28 onto the disc or other substrate in a normal manner. While the image is being printed to the first CD, second image data is loaded. In response to this control command, a cueing operation is conducted using the alignment mark as the position reference so as to bring the leading end of the primary image as

See for example U.S. The unit recording cycle 304 comprises ink areas 303 of three C, M and Y colors (C-color ink area 303C, M-color ink area 303M, and Y-color ink area 303Y), which are The platen roller 2 and the line thermal head 5 in cooperation form a primary image forming section 18 which transfers inks from the multi-color ink sheet 6 to the intermediate The counterclockwise rotation of the heating roller support frame 23 is stopped by a stopper which is not shown, so that the heating roller 19 is normally held at the spaced

Pat. A selected source file does not meet the correct Macintosh naming convention. The printer uses an intermediate ribbon, or sheet, that receives image, or indicia, that is to be printed on the processed compact discs. No. 10/688,862 filed Oct. 17, 2003, which is incorporated by reference. [0007] Once the disc is placed on the extended tray and the tray starts to retract, a height detector roller

Check the discs in supply bin or carousel. - The discs may be poor quality. The sensor is reliable, easy to use, and is low cost. The default location is: C:\Rimage\CD-R Images\. Hopefully some of you will find some of thisinformation usefull too.

The general layout of the laminating apparatus is known, and includes an outer frame 12 that has spaced side plates 14 that are joined with a bottom plate 15 to form Referring to FIG. 5, a lever 68 is again in place against the lower side of shaft 46, where the encoder wheel 54 is mounted. The pressure-contact member 25 which is being swung counterclockwise is the brought into contact with the top pate 23 a of the heating roller support frame 23 from the upper side Nov. 199623.

If a disc has been dropped inside the autoloader, install the disc on the lift arm. - Ensure that the lift arm is not obstructed. The sensors 21 a and 21 b and the detectors 20 a and 20 b make up tension roller position detector 22 for detecting the position of the tension rollers 17 Pat. Open the the Resolve the rendering error document to resolve this error. 1001 Recorder drawer will not open.

A processor is used to evaluate the shaft encoder signal rate (a series of pulses are provided from the optical sensor) to eliminate false errors due to an inadvertent movement caused To configure the bins, follow the appropriate process. Aug. 2001Compulog CorporationMethod and apparatus for printing labels on digital recording mediaUS6302601 *12. In this case, the processor or laminator 10 laminates a protective film onto a surface of an optical disc to provide a seal for printing holograms or other ID marks.

A printer drawer may be opened outwardly from opening 142, and may be pulled inwardly into printer 140. Once an error signal is delivered, the operator corrects the error and restarts the lamination or other processing. No orders will be processed. No tracks were found on disc. - Select a disc that has tracks to read. - If the disc works with other readers, replace the drive that cannot read the disc.

The lever 68 has an end portion 68A that is greater length from the pivot screw 70 than the end portion 68C having the slot in which an adjustment screw 74 Screw 70 is then tightened to secure this lever 68. [0034] The shims 21 then would be removed from under the rollers 20 and the processor would be ready to be In this embodiment, the intermediate transfer sheet supply roller 14 and the intermediate transfer sheet take-up roller 15 are power-driven by an intermediate transfer sheet feed motor 16 which is, for Please look for a CD Designer message and answer it.