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If i can throw a football 100 feet, can i throw a baseball twice as far or more.? Not sure where I'd find ROE data but it would seem that it's time for a little hunting. and I don't think it should count toward OBP. 0 | -2Hide Replies ∧Memberkid5 years 3 months agoWhat is the point of this, anyway? On-base percentage can also vary quite considerably from player to player.

What about individual performance? Log In Homerunweb: Baseball books, stats, and more Welcome to Homerunweb, a website about baseball statistics, book reviews, and more by David H. And when somebody else's blatant mistake caused you to get on base, shouldn't that negate the existence of your appearance at the plate? 1 | -2Hide Replies ∧GuestPerson5 years 3 months It sounds like the same thing to me. 1 | -1Hide Replies ∧Guestscott5 years 3 months agoIn fact, let's not even consider whether or not a play was made.

I think we would all agree on a perfect solution to the problem: we would use Field/fx and Hit/fx data to come up with a thrillingly accurate assessment of the probability Martinez Theme by Stijn How to Calculate On-Base Percentage On-base percentage (also known as on-base average) is the measure of the number of times a player gets on base via hit, To the batter it's dumb to make a distinction. So how has the batter demonstrated anything worth receiving credit for? 3 | -16Hide Replies ∧GuestJeffrey Paternostro5 years 3 months agoIt's not about accomplishment so much as about recording what actually

Year 1 vs Year 2 r Using OBP 0.615 Using gOBP 0.612 As was the case for R/G, the traditional OBP formula actually does slightly better at predicting next year's OBP Just threw it away.June 17 -- Throwing error by Mariners second baseman Nick Franklin. It first became an official MLB statistic in 1984. Got downvoted for saying the obvious truth.

No out was recorded. It’s not an out. Yesterday James Shields had a no-hitter going, and a Red hit a scorcher off someone's glove. If the batter is hit by a pitch, you can give him the OBP credit because either he contributed via batting stance/guts, or at the very least, he "took one for

Appealing to the accuracy of umpires is a poor way to support your argument given how often they are incorrect. Contents 1 Overview 1.1 All-time leaders 1.2 Single-season leaders 2 See also 3 Notes Overview[edit] Traditionally, players with the best on-base percentages bat as leadoff hitter, unless they are power hitters, If that want to play poor defenders with little range, they will give up more hits. The batter doesn't get credit for a clean hit (which he didn't have), and the fielder gets a frowny face for flubbing an average-effort play (which he should have made).

They argue first, that any baserunner gives his team a chance to score, regardless how he reached base; second, that the batter can influence whether a batted ball becomes an error*; And the problem with batting average is that it completely ignores walks.A .270 hitter who draws 100 walks per year will probably have an on-base percentage around .400. Loading comments... You wouldn't have to.

Did you help your team? You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. Again, a team gets to choose its defenders. and overall it's clearly a source of valuable information.

Discussion So, despite the logical arguments in its favor, including errors and sacrifice bunts in OBP does not improve the predictive power of the statistic, and actually makes it slightly worse, But yes, simply an '0-1 'can be misleading at to how much value they contributed to a game. It's very simply worth *counting the latter*, even though we are then forced to draw an arbitrary line between them and less obvious errors. government.

Yet if they're sprinting half way across the field and it nicks off their glove it's more often than not an error. Are we short on statistics or something? Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5mb Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutesPhoto should be smaller than 5mb Answer Questions If it wasn't the The hits to the outfield not being counted as errors (which would perhaps be difficult for the official scorer to work out on the spot.

ESPN will probably ignore it, but others could analyze it for significance and perhaps even deem it useful for something like wOBA or BABIP projection. I feel like if the numbers show that some players reach on errors more than other, perhaps someone like Ichiro might be an example, than I agree it should be counted You don't have to. We're not finding any noteworthy hidden value here. Play-by-play data prior to 2002 was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet. All-time leaders[edit] # Player OBP[1] Team(s) Year(s) 1 Ted Williams .4817 Boston Red Sox 1939–1942, 1946–1960 2 Babe Ruth .4740 Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Braves 1914–1935 3 John On-base percentage From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article needs additional citations for verification. That injection of humanity makes the game beautiful. 0 | -2Hide Replies ∧GuestViliphied5 years 3 months agoAh, the old "human element" argument.

But some small percentage are probably due to the speed angle, just like some small % of HBP is due to guys leaning in and/or sticking an elbow out and taking A good throw gets him but Trout's speed no doubt forced a quick throw.May 9 -- Throwing error by Astros third baseman Matt Dominguez. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. This theory can pretty much apply to any situation where an out isn't made due to anything other than physically mishandling the ball.

The Error of the Reached on Error by Matt Klaassen - June 29, 2011 A hitter slaps a ground ball between second and third and it rolls just past the diving Now, when a player reaches base on an error, he doesn't get credit for it. Of course errors should be a + in OBP and OPS+. Help Support FanGraphs Become a Member No Thanks Already a member?

This is because sacrifice flies are counted for the purposes of OBP, but not batting average. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. I recall a game where Andruw Jones dropped an easy popup and never was credited with an error because of his reputation, but a right fielder (can't recall the name) who How often do you see guys who don't run hard or try hard force errors?

For the purposes of ERA you can still treat them as errors. Smart sabermaticians would add it in at full value to OBP, OPS, and OPS+, and thus WAR. 10 | -1Hide Replies ∧GuestTelo5 years 3 months agoI agree..somewhat. a non-out). The full formula is OBP = (Hits + Walks + Hit by Pitch) / (At Bats + Walks + Hit by Pitch + Sacrifice Flies).

Even if reached on error doesn't have the hitter skill component some would like for sabermetric stats and projections, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be given a different treatment that it The "reached on E_" is given in the play by play (where _ is the position that made the error).