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quantum computation algorithms and error correction Alsen, North Dakota

The simplest way is to store the information multiple times, and—if these copies are later found to disagree—just take a majority vote; e.g. Sci, 14:05 (2003), 777 HARUMICHI NISHIMURA, “QUANTUM COMPUTATION WITH RESTRICTED AMPLITUDES”, Int. J. RUS ENG JOURNALS PEOPLE ORGANISATIONS CONFERENCES SEMINARS VIDEO LIBRARY PERSONAL OFFICE General information Latest issue Archive Impact factor Submit a manuscript Search papers Search references

Theor. (2007 - present) J. Shor and J. W. I.

A more general class of codes (encompassing the former) are the stabilizer codes discovered by Daniel Gottesman ([1]), and by A. If an error is modeled by a unitary transform U, which will act on a qubit | ψ ⟩ {\displaystyle |\psi \rangle } , then U {\displaystyle U} can be described A, 90:2 (2014) R.Barends, J.Kelly, A.Veitia, A.Megrant, A. S.Nam, R.Blümel, “Structural stability of the quantum Fourier transform”, Quantum Inf Process, 2015 MarcoPiani, JohnWatrous, “Necessary and Sufficient Quantum Information Characterization of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering”, Phys.

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the Shor code, encodes 1 logical qubit in 9 physical qubits and can correct for arbitrary errors in a single qubit. Kitaev, L. Theor. Lett, 109:19 (2012) Markus Johansson, Erik Sjöqvist, L.

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Sloane (34 pages) This paper follows up on the paper "Quantum error correction and orthogonal geometry" (below) by showing how to obtain quantum error-correcting codes from certain classical error-correcting codes over Nigg and S. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. A.

Comput. Kitaev, Approximative evaluation of the height of the maximal upper zero of a monotone Boolean function, Math. Barrett, C. Laflamme (9 pages) This paper derives a relationship between two different notions of fidelity (entanglement fidelity and ensemble fidelity) for a completely depolarizing quantum channel, which gives rise to a quantum

W. Rev. This gives a counterexample to a conjecture that you could get by with d elements if you had an ensemble of d quantum states in d dimensions. A.

To diagnose bit flips in any of the three possible qubits, syndrome diagnosis is needed, which includes four projection operators: P 0 = | 000 ⟩ ⟨ 000 | + | Niset, G. Briegel, “Algorithmic Complexity and Entanglement of Quantum States”, Phys Rev Letters, 95:20 (2005), 200503 Viacheslav P. Kitaev, Unpaired Majorana fermions in quantum wires, Uspekhi fiz.

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