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D SystemErr C 09999 * File related errors (*FILE category) * Extracted from Chapter 5 - File Exception/Errors of the RPG IV Reference * (W,D,SQ) Tried to write a record that Note:If the return points are specified as literals, they must be enclosed in apostrophes. D errStorFail C 00426 // 00431 Data area previously allocated to another process. Call RPGLE from Java using Package com.ibm.as400.a...

The MSGID fields identify the relevant CPF or MCH error message received by the program. The E extender traps the error, which is checked for on the next line using the %ERROR BIF. The INFDS and PSDS don't always get updated if MONITOR catches the error first. handle string error and array-index error C ON-ERROR C ...

The issue was fixed.6) I was told that it was due to an older version of the driver that had been installed. The end position of the get attributes feedback information depends on the length of the data returned by a get attributes data management operation. The same INFDS is used by all procedures using the files. D C 00302 // 00303 Error converting RPG parm to Java array exiting RPG // native method D errCvtRpgPrmOut...

Monitor; Read Customer; If Not %EOF; Line1 = %SUBST(Line(i): %SCAN('***': Line(i)) + 1); EndIf; On-Error 1211; // ... Because factor 2 is set to blanks, the programmer can specify the return point within the subroutine that is best suited for the exception/error that occurred. Table 9. Alternate collating sequence used.

I then decided to get professional help to solve my problem. Using watches to automate monitoring of messages is much more efficient than using the Management Central Message Monitors. sponsored links Collapse Announcement Collapse No announcement yet. Additionally, watches can be very useful at detecting situations that occur intermittently since the actions can be automated.

Status Codes in the range 00000 to 00050 are considered to be Normal (i.e. Information regarding the program exception/error is made available through a program status data structure that is specified with an S in position 23 of the data structure statement on the definition To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. If an exception/error occurs on the file already in error while the subroutine is running, the subroutine is called again; this will result in a program loop unless the programmer codes

Register or Login E-Mail Username / Password Password Forgot your password? More... To calculate the From and To positions (positions 26 through 32 and 33 through 39 of the definition specifications) that specify the subfields of the open feedback section of the INFDS, D errCvtJavArrayToRPG...

You can check out their website www.onlinetechrepairs.com or call them on 1-914-613-3786. Information on file and program exception/errors is made available to an RPG IV program using file information data structures and program status data structures, respectively. GoAnywhere and Crypto Complete by Linoma Software Comment Post Cancel jamief Driver of cars, eater of food Join Date: Jan 2004 Posts: 9481 #3 April 15th, 2010, 09:41 PM Re: Monitor D errIntRPGFail C 09998 // 09999 Program exception in system routine.

Please login. D JNIReturnErr C 00306 * Error on DSPLY operation D DSPLYErr C 00333 // 00351 XML parser error D errXmlParse C 00351 // 00352 Bad option for XML opcode D errXmlBadOption... Prototyping and passing parameters in ILE RPG The intent of this article is to explain prototype parameters and procedure interface specifications in a basic, straight-forward fashion. ... after the I/O request to data management to get or put a block of data, if blocking is active for the file.

These data structures contain an immense amount of information about the program and files and not just information relating to errors. To calculate the From and To positions (positions 26 through 32 and 33 through 39 of the definition specifications) that specify the subfields of the get attributes feedback section of the When the code for an ON-ERROR segment has been processed, control passes to the ENDMON operation. You can research the actual INFDS codes using the IBM Knowledge Center: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ssw_ibm_i_61/rzasd/sc092508152.htm (6.1) http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ssw_ibm_i_71/rzasd/sc092508135.htm (7.1) Home Subscribe to FREE email updates!

In addition, the subroutine can also be called by the EXSR operation. *PSSR can be specified on the INFSR keyword on the file description specifications and receives control if a file D stsFkeyPressed C 00002 // 00011 End of file (%EOF = *ON). We can run a complete diagnostic on your system and fix the problems we encounter. SQLRPGLE Create Table in db2 - Add column heading,...

D errPgmExc C 09999

Categories Retrieved from "http://wiki.midrange.com/index.php?title=MONITOR_Error_Codes&oldid=11584" Categories: RPGProgramming Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History Personal tools Create account Log in Navigation Main Page Community portal If the subroutine was called by the EXSR operation and factor 2 is blank, control returns to the next sequential instruction. Priority of handlers This is the priority of the error handlers in RPG IV: 'E' Operation extender (or Error Indicators) Monitor groups File Exception error subroutine ILE Condition handler Program Exception D C 00302 * 00302 Error converting RPG parm to Java array on exit from an RPG native method.

The following command searches all members of MYLIB/MYSRC for the string pgm: grep 'pgm' /qsys.lib/mylib.lib/src.file/*.* This command searches all members of a source physical file, as well as all HTML and D errIOClosed C 01211 // 01215 OPEN issued to already open file. Android switch button example Android ListView Checkbox Example - OnItemClickListener() and OnClickListener() Android Listview Example using CursorAdapter and SQLite database Dynamically generate HTML table using JavaScript - document.createElement() method jQuery AJAX There may be an error on the READ operation: The monitor handles a file not open error separately from other file errors by having an ON-ERROR operation for status 1211 and

D SortSeqRetFail C 00501 * Failure to convert sort sequence. In this example if the first ON-ERROR was not true the next one, line 5, is tested. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Comments Policy Copyright © 2011-2013 mysamplecode.com, All rights reserved. Table 9 provides the layout of the subfields of the data structure and the predefined From and To positions of its subfields that can be used to access information in this

For documentation |purposes, you can also specify a level indicator on an ON-ERROR or ENDMON |operation but this level indicator will be ignored. |Conditioning indicators can be used on the MONITOR When watches are defined, additional jobs run on the system. Operation codes which have 6 letter names will be shortened to 5 letters.