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qxmlsimplereader error Buckhorn, New Mexico

Copyright © 2005 TrolltechTrademarks Qt 3.3.7 qxmlsimplereader(3) - Linux man page Name QXmlSimpleReader - Implementation of a simple XML reader (parser) Synopsis All the functions in this class are reentrant when void QXmlSimpleReader::setFeature ( const QString & name, bool value ) [virtual] Sets the state of the feature name to value: If the feature is not recognized, it is ignored. Returns FALSE if a parsing error occurs; otherwise returns TRUE. See also setDTDHandler(). [virtual] QXmlContentHandler * QXmlSimpleReader::contentHandler() const Reimplemented from QXmlReader::contentHandler().

If the text is not empty, we append a comma to it, ready for the new page text. If you call this function with incremental TRUE whilst an incremental parse is in progress a new parsing session will be started and the previous session lost. The case of the end of the XML file being reached without having finished parsing is not considered to be an error: you can continue parsing at a later stage by Read More Menu Partners Blog Download Device Creation Application Development Services Developers ENRUZH Wiki Documentation Forum Bug Reports Code Review Qt Documentation Qt 4.8 QtXml QXmlSimpleReader Contents Public Functions Reimplemented Public

See also property() and hasProperty(). To link against this library, we must add this line to the .pro file: QT += xml In the next two sections, we will see how to write the same application Not the answer you're looking for? Reimplemented from QXmlReader.

http://trolltech.com/xml/features/report-whitespace-only-CharData If this feature is TRUE, CharData that only contain whitespace are not ignored, but are reported via QXmlContentHandler::characters(). Instead it stores the state of the parser so that parsing can be continued at a later stage when more data is available. About us Training & Events News Resource Center Partners Careers Locations Product Qt Framework Qt Features Qt Quick Qt for Device Creation Qt for Mobile Apps Qt in Use Developers Documentation All the functions in this class are reentrant when Qt is built with thread support. #include Inherits QXmlReader.

After I added the line in my .pro file i received successful compile Powered by vBulletin Version 4.1.9 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. XML Reading XML with QXmlStreamReader Reading XML with DOM Reading XML with SAX Writing XML XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a general-purpose text file format that is popular for data interchange Reimplemented in QXmlSimpleReader. DOM's main benefit is that it lets us navigate a tree representation of the XML document in any order, allowing us to implement multi-pass parsing algorithms.

Welcome to the official BlackBerry Support Community Forums. It then creates an XmlStreamReader, passing it the tree widget and asking it to parse each file specified on the command line. See also contentHandler(). The error can be queried later by calling error() and errorString() on the QFile.

See also entityResolver(). [virtual] void QXmlSimpleReader::setErrorHandler(QXmlErrorHandler * handler) Reimplemented from QXmlReader::setErrorHandler(). See also errorHandler(). If the reader has not the property name, the return value is 0. void QXmlReader::setLexicalHandler ( QXmlLexicalHandler * handler ) [virtual] Sets the lexical handler to handler.

See also setDeclHandler(). Documents are parsed with a call to parse(). If you want to use the class in threaded code, lock the code using QXmlSimpleReader with a locking mechanism, such as a QMutex. See also lexicalHandler(). [virtual] void QXmlSimpleReader::setProperty(const QString & name, void * value) Reimplemented from QXmlReader::setProperty().

Reimplemented in QXmlSimpleReader. The QXmlStreamReader class used in this application is part of the QtXml library. We begin by extracting the text that is already there. If the input source returns an empty string for the function QXmlInputSource::data(), then this means that the end of the XML file has been reached; this is quite important, especially if

Returns TRUE if the parsing was successful, otherwise FALSE. Public Members QXmlSimpleReader () virtual ~QXmlSimpleReader () virtual void setFeature ( const QString & name, bool value ) virtual bool parse ( const QXmlInputSource * input, bool incremental ) virtual bool All Rights Reserved. QXmlSimpleReader.setErrorHandler (self, QXmlErrorHandler)Reimplemented from QXmlReader.setErrorHandler().

The pages are stored in the tree widget item's second column. Instead it stores the state of the parser so that parsing can be continued at a later stage when more data is available. Reimplemented from QXmlReader. QXmlSimpleReader.setEntityResolver (self, QXmlEntityResolver)Reimplemented from QXmlReader.setEntityResolver().

The parsing is done using recursive descent: readBookindexElement() parses a ... element that contains zero or more elements. To use this function, you must have called parse() with the incremental argument set to TRUE. See also setDTDHandler(). You see how the imported target is created in a Qt installation in /lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfig.cmake: search for a call to add_library.

DOM (Document Object Model) converts an XML document into a tree structure, which the application can then navigate. See also parseContinue() and QSocket. The following declaration in a qmake project file ensures that an application is compiled and linked appropriately: QT += xml This line is necessary because only the QtCore and QtGui modules QXmlContentHandler* QXmlReader::contentHandler () const [virtual] Returns the content handler or 0 if none was set.

See also parse(), QXmlInputSource::data(), and QXmlInputSource::next(). [virtual] void * QXmlSimpleReader::property(const QString & name, bool * ok = 0) const Reimplemented from QXmlReader::property(). If this feature is FALSE, the parser does not report those events, but rather silently substitutes the entities and reports the character data in one chunk. ** $Id: qt/tagreader.cpp 3.3.6 edited Passing a lambda into a function template Word for making your life circumstances seem much worse than they are Why didn't Dave Lister go home? Why is AT&T's stock price declining, during the days that they announced the acquisition of Time Warner inc.?

xmlReader.setFeature("http://xml.org/sax/features/namespace-prefixes", true); QXmlSimpleReader is not reentrant. Copyright © 1995-2005 Trolltech. This class stores a pointer to the input source input and the parseContinue() function tries to read from that input source. The XML-compliant version of HTML is called XHTML.

Getting Started Official BlackBerry Support Register · Connect with Facebook · Sign In · Help CommunityCategoryBoardDeveloper ResourcesUsers turn on suggestions Auto-suggest helps Turns on the feature name if enable is true; otherwise turns it off. reader.readNext(); while (!reader.atEnd()) { if (reader.isStartElement()) { if (reader.name() == "bookindex") { readBookindexElement(); } else { reader.raiseError(QObject::tr("Not a bookindex file")); } } else { reader.readNext(); } } The QXmlStreamReader's readNext() function http://trolltech.com/xml/features/report-whitespace-only-CharData If this feature is TRUE, CharData that only contain whitespace are not ignored, but are reported via QXmlContentHandler::characters().

This ensures that parsing stops as soon as possible after an error has been encountered. Reimplemented in QXmlSimpleReader. The syntax is similar to HTML, but XML is a metalanguage and as such does not mandate specific tags, attributes, or entities. The most convenient way to handle the input is to read it in a single pass using the parse() function with an argument that specifies the input source: bool ok =

Example: xml/tagreader-with-features/tagreader.cpp. For example, we could use a QFile to supply the input. If the parser has not finished parsing when it encounters this symbol, it is an error and FALSE is returned.