racadm getconfig transport error rc=-1 Carlin Nevada

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racadm getconfig transport error rc=-1 Carlin, Nevada

Using the racadm Utility to Configure the DRAC 4 The DRAC 4 Web-based interface is the fastest way to configure a DRAC 4. Ensure that the.cfgfile includes all required objects, users, indexes, and other parameters. Input -g — The "-g " or group option can be used to display the configuration for a single group. The following subsection describes the command interfaces and the operation of the subcommand for each option.

Create the file: reset_admin_pw.xml with the below info and add the new password in the password section:

The racadm CLI allows you to locally or remotely configure and manage your DRAC 4. The following serial commands can be run from the serial command prompt. If the -i option is not specified, a value of 1 is assigned for groups, which are tables and have multiple entries. getraclog/clrraclogDisplays and clears the RAC log.

When accessing the DRAC5 Web-based interface, I get a security warning stating the SSL certificate was issued by a certificate authority (CA) that is not trusted. NOTE: Throughout this document, objects are always referred to by group name and object name, separated by a space. Serial Command Shell Commands Serial commands are entered through Hilgraeve's HyperTerminal software that comes with the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system. racadm Subcommand Descriptions The following subsections provide descriptions of subcommands that you can run under the racadm CLI.

getassettag Example Type getassettag at the command prompt. The -c option may be used in the config subcommand, which verifies syntax only and does not perform write operations to the controller. sslcertview Views a CA certificate or server certificate in the DRAC 5. ifconfig Displays the current RAC IP configuration.

The Active Directory user name is not case sensitive. The following sections provide information about how to use the racadm commands. The configuration file is a simple text file that allows the user to build a configuration file (similar to a .ini file) and configure the controller from this file. n=0 for normal user operation.

getselDisplays the chassis system event log. Why are the remote racadm and Web-based services unavailable after a property change? sslcsrgen Generates and downloads the SSL CSR. This should be used along with '-w' option -l, --log Log replies to "filename" -v, --xmlverbose Display all the responses from RILOE II/iLO -s, --substitute Substitute variables present in input config

The -d option enables DHCP for the Ethernet management port (default is DHCP enabled). Racadm Subcommand Man Pages The following subsections provide descriptions of subcommands that you can run under the racadm command-line utility. These object ID sets cause the firmware to execute the subcommand with the option that indicates the test alert type to test. getmodinfoDisplays status information about the chassis modules.

You can access the DRAC 5 Web-based interface through the DRAC 5 NIC by using a supported Web browser, or through Server Administrator or IT Assistant. The configuration data is organized into groups as defined in "DRAC 4 Property Database Group and Object Definitions." The following example displays a group name, object, and the object's property value. If disabled, type the following racadm command to enable: racadm config -g cfgRacTuning -o cfgRacTuneRemoteRacadmEnable 1 To disable the remote capability, type: racadm config -g cfgRacTuning -o cfgRacTuneRemoteRacadmEnable 0 RACADM Subcommands If this object's property value is TRUE, it scans the event masks in the Traps table.

Synopsis racadm getsysinfo [-r] [-c] [-A] [-f] Description The getsysinfo command returns information about the controller, chassis, and system depending on the command options: The order of data on output is Get System Event Log (SEL)Table A-10. getsel Command Definition getsel -iDisplays number of entries in the System Event Log. The user may also specify to begin the update after loading, or terminate, and allow the user to make a separate call to start the update process. racadm getconfig -g cfgLanNetworking Example racadm getconfig -g cfgLanNetworking This command will display all of the configurations parameters (objects) that are contained in the group "cfgLanNetworking".

The process to configure the ILO is as follows: 1. If is not specified, all coredump output is displayed; otherwise, only the coredump record specified by is displayed. Table 4. The easiest way to access the ILO configuration utility is during the POST by pressing F8 when prompted.

In addition, the number of rows and columns of the client terminal must be set to 25. If an index is not present, the first available index is used. racreset Resets the DRAC 5. This chapter provides information about how to perform common systems management tasks with the DRAC 5 Web-based interface and provides links to related information.

Clear RAC LogTable A-18. clrraclog Command Definition clrraclogClears the RAC log. You will immediately cease use and notify Unisys of any documentation obtained from or accessed through this website that is identified as "Confidential," "Proprietary," or "Restricted." Upon request of Unisys, you Clicking on "I agree" below will indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms. Guidelines for Terminating a Connection When the connection is in text mode, press <~><.> to terminate the connection.

clrraclogClears the DRAC 4 log entries. NOTE: The racadm remote capability is supported only on management stations. This field is case sensitive. connect com1 or connect com2Connects the DRAC 4 to the system serial port.

Any character to the right of the '=' is taken as is. After resetting the database properties, the controller automatically resets. AMM ports -- user configurable Port name Port number Description http 80 (default) Web server HTTP connection - TCP https 443 (default) SSL connection -TCP telnet 23 (default) Telnet command-line interface ping Verifies that the destination IP address is reachable from the DRAC 5 with the current routing-table contents.

ARP table entries may not be added or deleted. Output The setractime subcommand returns without output if successful and the getractime subcommand displays the output on one line. DRAC Modes The DRAC 5 can be configured in one of three modes: Dedicated Shared Shared with failover DRAC 5 NIC Configurations Mode Description Dedicated The DRAC uses its own NIC