root th1 integral error North Jay Maine

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root th1 integral error North Jay, Maine

bin contents are replaced by their smooth values. Maximum precision 14 digits // // Profile histograms: See classes TProfile and TProfile2D // Profile histograms are used to display the mean value of Y and its RMS // for each Maximum bin content = 32767 TH2I : histograms with one int per channel. More...

More... virtual Double_tGetBinContent (Int_t bin) const Return content of bin number bin. static TH1 *TransformHisto (TVirtualFFT *fft, TH1 *h_output, Option_t *option) For a given transform (first parameter), fills the histogram (second parameter) with the transform output data, specified in the third parameter If Maximum precision 7 digits TH3D : histograms with one double per channel.

Maximum bin content = 2147483647 TH1F : histograms with one float per channel. virtual voidSetMarkerColor (Color_t mcolor=1) Set the marker color. Reimplemented in TH1D, TH1F, TH1I, TH1S, TH1C, TH3D, TH2D, TH3F, TH2F, TH3I, TH2I, TH3S, TH2S, TH3C, and TH2C. TH1 *GetCumulative (Bool_t forward=kTRUE, const char *suffix="_cumulative") const Return a pointer to an histogram containing the cumulative The cumulative can be computed both in the forward (default) or backward direction; the

Drapers' Co. Each histogram always contains 3 objects TAxis: fXaxis, fYaxis and fZaxis o access the axis parameters, do: TAxis *xaxis = h->GetXaxis(); etc.Double_t binCenter = xaxis->GetBinCenter(bin), etc. TAttMarker (Color_t color, Style_t style, Size_t msize) TAttMarker normal constructor. virtual Bool_tAdd (const TH1 *h1, Double_t c1=1) Performs the operation: this = this + c1*h1 If errors are defined (see TH1::Sumw2), errors are also recalculated.

To make a decision p-value should be calculated. The number of events in the ith bin is a random variable with a distribution approximated by a Poisson probability distribution for the first histogram and with distribution for the second One can mark a histogram to be an "average" histogram by setting its bit kIsAverage via myhist.SetBit(TH1::kIsAverage); When adding (see TH1::Add) average histograms, the histograms are averaged and not summed. void TH1::AddDirectory ( Bool_t add = kTRUE) static Sets the flag controlling the automatic add of histograms in memory.

Uniformly distributed events are simulated for the weighted histogram with weights calculated by formula (1). If you prefer to have efficiency errors not going to zero when the efficiency is 1, you must use the function TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide, which will return an asymmetric and non-zero lower error virtual Float_tGetLabelSize (Option_t *axis="X") const Return the "axis" label size. virtual Style_tGetFillStyle () const Return the fill area style.

Most convenient for analysis are the normalized residuals. ROOT 6.09/01 Reference Guide ROOTHomePage MainPage Tutorials User'sClasses Namespaces AllClasses Files ReleaseNotes ClassList ClassIndex ClassHierarchy ClassMembers List of all members | Public Types | Public Member Functions | Static Public For example, assuming a 3-D histogram with binx,biny,binz, the function Int_t gbin = h->GetBin(binx,biny,binz); returns a global/linearized gbin number. Fig.2 shows the result of comparison of the unweighted histogram with 217 events (minimal expected frequency equal to one) and the weighted histogram with 500 events (minimal expected frequency equal to

More... Note also that adding histogram with labels is not supported, histogram will be added merging them by bin number independently of the labels. More... Style_tfFillStyle Fill area style.

Weights in both the histograms are random variables with distributions which can be approximated by a normal probability distribution for the first histogram and by a distribution for the second. Bool_t TH1::Add ( const TH1 * h1, Double_t c1 = 1 ) virtual Performs the operation: this = this + c1*h1 If errors are defined (see TH1::Sumw2), errors are also recalculated. However, if option ="B" is specified, Binomial errors are computed. If you have any comments or suggestions about the page layout send a mail to ROOT support, or contact the developers with any questions or problems regarding ROOT. // @(#)root/hist:$Name: $:$Id:

Maximum precision 14 digits 2-D histograms: TH2C : histograms with one byte per channel. virtual Bool_tAdd (TF1 *h1, Double_t c1=1, Option_t *option="") Performs the operation: this = this + c1*f1 if errors are defined (see TH1::Sumw2), errors are also recalculated. This function uses the services of TH1::Add void SmoothArray(Int_t NN, Double_t *XX, Int_t ntimes) smooth array XX, translation of Hbook routine hsmoof.F based on algorithm 353QH twice presented by J. Size_tfMarkerSize Marker size.

Each histogram has a pointer to its own painter (to be usable in a multithreaded program). If an histogram has associated error bars (TH1::Sumw2 has been called), the resulting error bars are also computed assuming independent histograms. More... The functions to fill, manipulate, draw or access // histograms are identical in both cases. // Each histogram always contains 3 objects TAxis: fXaxis, fYaxis and fZaxis // To access the

virtual voidExecute (const char *method, const char *params, Int_t *error=0) Execute method on this object with the given parameter string, e.g. When an histogram is fitted, the resulting function with its parameters is added to the list of functions of this histogram. More... virtual Double_tInterpolate (Double_t x) Given a point x, approximates the value via linear interpolation based on the two nearest bin centers.

Available transform types and flags are described below. virtual TH1 *FFT (TH1 *h_output, Option_t *option) This function allows to do discrete Fourier transforms of TH1 and TH2. virtual voidSetLabelSize (Float_t size=0.02, Option_t *axis="X") Set size of axis' labels. Definition at line 1018 of file TH1.cxx.

virtual voidSetMarkerSize (Size_t msize=1) Set the marker size.