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Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up FileManager replaceItemAt() results in EXC_BAD_ACCESS up vote 0 down vote favorite I've written an application that downloads images from a website. If 'destURL' has no base URL and it's 'relativePath' is indeed a relative path, then a relative symlink will be created. This parameter is optional and can be of any type.itemObject An object to use as the item, usually containing label and data properties.Returns Nothing. Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc.

This method returns NO if a failure occurs at any stage of the operation. Description Method; replaces the content of the item at the specified index. How could a language that uses a single word extremely often sustain itself? What is way to eat rice with hands in front of westerners such that it doesn't appear to be yucky?

You signed in with another tab or window. Deprecatedfunc fileManager(FileManager, willProcessPath: String)An NSFileManager object sends this message to a handler immediately before attempting to move, copy, rename, or delete, or before attempting to Add the following code to Frame 1 in the timeline: var my_list:mx.controls.List; var replace_button:mx.controls.Button; replace_button.label = "Replace"; my_list.addItem({data:"flash", label:"Flash"}); my_list.addItem({data:"dreamweaver", label:"Dreamweaver"}); my_list.addItem({data:"coldfusion", label:"ColdFusion"}); var buttonListener:Object = new Object(); = function(evt_obj:Object) Are there any pan-social laws?

If the delegate returns YES from this method, the removal operation will continue. Each instance has one delegate, and the delegate is not retained. URL else { return nil } let path = url.path.replacingOccurrences(of: baseURL.path+"/", with: "") return path } } internal class NSURLDirectoryEnumerator : DirectoryEnumerator { var _url : URL var _options : FileManager.DirectoryEnumerationOptions NSUnimplemented("Cross-device moves not yet implemented") } else { throw _NSErrorWithErrno(errno, reading: false, path: srcPath) } } } open func linkItem(atPath srcPath: String, toPath dstPath: String) throws { var isDir = false

This API is suitable when you need to search for a file or files which may live in one of a variety of locations in the domains specified. */ open func If no dictionary is supplied, directories are created according to the umask of the process. If this method returns NO, the link was unable to be created and an NSError will be returned by reference in the 'error' parameter. Viewer discretion advised.

Does the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics necessarily imply every world exist? Here are the steps for a Windows 7 or Vista system; if you use Windows XP, the procedure should be similar, though I can't say for sure because I no longer This string is not suitable for passing to anything that must interact with the filesystem. */ open func displayName(atPath path: String) -> String { NSUnimplemented() } /* componentsToDisplayForPath: returns an NSArray The NSDirectoryEnumerator returns NSURLs from the -nextObject method.

var _stream : UnsafeMutablePointer? = nil var _current : UnsafeMutablePointer? = nil var _rootError : NSError? = nil var _gotRoot : Bool = false // See @escaping comments above. Data()).write(to: URL(fileURLWithPath: path), options: .atomic) return true } catch _ { return false } } /* fileSystemRepresentationWithPath: returns an array of characters suitable for passing to lower-level POSIX style APIs. If `backupItemName` is provided, that name will be used to create a backup of the original item. let localFilemanager = FileManager.default do { ...

You also use it to get information about a file or directory or change some of its attributes.LanguageSwiftObjective-CSDKsiOS 8.0+macOS 10.10+tvOS 9.0+watchOS 2.0+On This PageOverviewNested TypesSymbolsRelationshipsOverviewWhen specifying the location of files, you Does the local network need to be hacked first for IoT devices to be accesible? Calling this method modifies the data provider of the List component. Also, the boolean evaluation of the if statement works fine.

If the delegate returns NO from this method, the removal operation will stop and the error will be returned via linkItemAtPath:toPath:error:. */ func fileManager(_ fileManager: FileManager, shouldProceedAfterError error: Error, removingItemAtPath path: The default behavior is to remove the item. */ public static let withoutDeletingBackupItem = ItemReplacementOptions(rawValue: 1 << 1) } public enum URLRelationship : Int { case contains case same case other the replacement of a particular item on disk, or a particular Library directory. This method replaces fileAttributesAtPath:traverseLink:. */ /// - Experiment: Note that the return type of this function is different than on Darwin Foundation (Any instead of AnyObject).

If this method returns 'nil', an NSError will be returned by reference in the 'error' parameter. If the enumerator cannot be created, this returns NULL. If this method returns NO, the link was unable to be created and an NSError will be returned by reference in the 'error' parameter. The URL was: "" The system cannot find the file specified.

Like you I either replace or move the item. Any advices? Activity Ascending order - Click to sort in descending order All Comments Work Log History Activity Transitions Hide Permalink Adobe JIRA added a comment - 25/Jan/12 17:53 Adobe Bug URL: The exception is still there.

The delegate has the opportunity to remedy the error condition and allow the move to continue. */ func fileManager(_ fileManager: FileManager, shouldProceedAfterError error: Error, movingItemAtPath srcPath: String, toPath dstPath: String) -> If the delegate returns NO from this method, the remove skips the item. If that behavior changes, the @escaping will need to be added back. If this doesn't fix the problem, please leave a comment letting me know--or, better yet, shoot me an e-mail at the address below.

Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Pass 0 for domainMask to instruct the method to automatically choose the domain appropriate for 'url'. This method does not traverse a terminal symlink. If you need to perform a deep enumeration, use -[NSFileManager enumeratorAtURL:includingPropertiesForKeys:options:errorHandler:].

If you wish to only receive the URLs and no other attributes, then pass '0' for 'options' and an empty NSArray ('[NSArray array]') for 'keys'. init(url: URL, options: FileManager.DirectoryEnumerationOptions, errorHandler: (/* @escaping */ (URL, NSError) -> Bool)?) { _url = url _options = options _errorHandler = errorHandler if FileManager.default.fileExists(atPath: _url.path) { let fsRep = FileManager.default.fileSystemRepresentation(withPath: _url.path) if entryName != "." && entryName != ".." { contents.append(entryName) } } return contents } /** Performs a deep enumeration of the specified directory and returns the paths of all of The directory passed to -enumeratorAtURL:includingPropertiesForKeys:options:errorHandler: is considered to be level 0. */ open var level: Int { NSRequiresConcreteImplementation() } open func skipDescendants() { NSRequiresConcreteImplementation() } } internal class NSPathDirectoryEnumerator: DirectoryEnumerator {

Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc. For directories which have localization information, this will return the appropriate localized string. The backup item will be removed in the event of success unless the `NSFileManagerItemReplacementWithoutDeletingBackupItem` option is provided in `options`. If you wish to have the property caches of the vended URLs pre-populated with a default set of attributes, then pass '0' for 'options' and 'nil' for 'keys'. */ // Note: