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runtime error 200 pascal South Kent, Connecticut

PKUNZIP C:\TPATCH PKUNZIP C:\TPATCH In our example we are going to patch defacto.exe which is the binary from an early Defacto magazine that suffers from this bug. My second choice would be CUP386, but this works best in a plain DOS environment without any extended memory manager (including himem.sys or emm386.sys) installed. Use all on your own risk. Here are the two apps I use for patching EXE files that are plagued with the infamous Runtime Error 200 (divide by zero).

ctbppat v1.2 © Andreas Stiller [April 2000]ctbppat fixes programs coded in Borland Pascal that cause runtime error 200 on systems with clock speeds of over 200MHz. Ceterum censeo Microsoft esse delendam. There WILL be problems if the program is using the delay routine to time events. But the programs patched with TPPATCH will never hang again because of the bug.

Copyright © 2001 John Dailey. before the changes: cs:0062 33C0 xor ax,ax cs:0064 A25100 mov [0051],al cs:0067 A26100 mov [0061],al cs:006A A26200 mov [0062],al cs:006D 40 inc ax cs:006E A25000 mov [0050],al after the changes: cs:0062 Or maybe it does and I just didn't notice. Read this tech note for information on how to fix it.

You signed out in another tab or window. Technical details: A patched program will test if the computer is too fast. This error occurs due to incorrect initialisation of the DELAY counter.ctbppat is also a universal EXE scanner, monitor, and patcher. When a file is patched, a new file (ex$) is created and the original EXE will then be overwritten (if desired).*** BE SURE TO MAKE BACKUPS OF ALL FILES YOU ARE

We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Usually when there is not enough memory. 224 Variant is not an array This error occurs when a variant array operation is attempted on a variant which is not an array. Borland (now Inprise) has no officially-supported fix for this but several unofficial fixes have appeared on various Pascal programming forums and newsgroups. Of course, the whole thing is only necessary if the unit CRT is used in the program.

Actually it is the same bug that on earlier processors caused Delay to be inaccurate, that now causes programs to fail with a runtime error if they use the CRT unit! I have used it on a 233 mhz Pentium II and have heard of others using it on up to 400mhz machines. This site hosts no abandonware. Keep backups of the appropriate files! (and then some...) Programmers As a programmer you have several different options.

If this is impossible patch the file yourself using the following steps (or use the program found in the end of this document). Therefore: Use at your own risk. If you'll have a gigahertz-cpu in some years, you'll get the runtime error again, so if you don't use the delay-routine at all, you might want to remove it completely: Programmers Technical Details: applies the same patches as in bp7patch (c't magazine), but uses the bugfixed Pascal version 7.01.

The patch used to be on Klaus Hartnegg's pages at... Attachments (48.41 KiB) Downloaded 3291 times Last edited by Snover on 2002-9-13 @ 00:22, edited 1 time in total. a trap procedure to catch the runtime error as it occurs. Trying to create a new file, or directory while a file or directory of the same name already exists.

In the CRT.ASM file: 1. This will of course delay to be a too long and a bit different each time. A MAKEFILE is included with the sources. Replace the original delay procedure with Delay: MOV BX,SP MOV CX,SS:[BX+4] JCXZ @@2 MOV ES,Seg0040 XOR DI,DI MOV BH,ES:[DI] @@1: MOV AX,DelayCntL MOV DX,DelayCntM MOV SI,DelayCntH XOR BL,BL CALL DelayLoop LOOP

Runtime Error 200 - Divide by 0 ...immediately upon startup of a program created with these compilers when run on a Pentium-class computer faster than about 180mhz. Some programs require correct timing, for those this patch may do more harm than help! The best TSR I have found to do this is TP7p5fix. You'll need the sources of unit CRT.

Turbo Pascal instead of Borland Pascal). There are especially very many changes to SYSTEM.TPU. Keep in mind that once you close this DOS Window, or open other DOS Windows the TSR will not be active unless you load it again. This last error is only detected if the -CR compiler option is used. 222 Variant dispatch error No dispatch method to call from variant. 223 Variant array create The variant array

Remove the Delay initialization code (lines 94 to 107, both inclusive). 3. That's a nasty trick, I don't like it, but it seems to work. new TPL files not available for download here because of potential copyright problems File contains exactly the same files CRT.ASM, CRT.PAS and CRT.TPU (included in TURBO.TPL) as BPPATCH.ZIP. But if there are even faster processors one day, Delay() will wait a bit to short on them.

Some programs use OVERLAY operations (OVR files), with which patched programs may not work correctly.All output is in an "international language" in order to make the program somewhat simpler for foreigners.As Before you go and patch foreign software you should take a look into a LICENSE.DOC file or anything similar.