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qtparted error Aguanga, California

Q: QTParted doens't compile. Thanks. Error while re sizing unused space0gparted can't have overlap partitions1Resizing/Extending Ubuntu Partition, Gparted Error Fix 'NTFS' & Missing File(s) located2Gparted error moving partition and shrinking it Hot Network Questions How much February 5, 2009 Jerry I'm in the process of doing this myself and found I didn't need to use the Vista boot disc or my laptop's recovery discs to repair the

Why do jet engines smoke? Therefore, when you use Windows XP to create a new partition, the different alignments may cause this problem. Short answer: Yes, it is safe :) By using the official tools for each file system and performing extensive checks before any actual operation I think GParted is as safe as If you're desperate, it's probably safe to ignore.

I must have a REALLY slow hard drive on my laptop. Use the 3.0 version from http://www.partedmagic.com. November 20, 2008 Mr Lazy Re: needing the Vista installation CD to repair, anyone know if this will work with an OEM version of Vista? Wait 20 seconds while it installs.

And, the command prompt displays x:\sources and I cannot change the DIR it points to. May 4, 2008 Saget Hi, I have the GParted Live CD for some time now. But "parted" has a command line based interface, which can be difficult for a newbie to use. A: If you want to build QTParted you must have libparted installed and running, the header of that library, and the full SDK of QT.

I used Partition Magic to create the partition not knowing that it's unsupported by Vista. Select cancel for now, and send in a bug report. Note that sometimes a recovery PARTITION, such as those on some Sony Vaio laptops, are NOT a substitute for recovery DVDs. The program used to work fine, but a few months ago I changed my video card (from an ATI to a Nvidia card) and now GParted say it can't load the

sudo apt-get install libdevmapper-dev # WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! - libsepol1-dev libselinux1-dev # configure: error: termcap could not be found sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev # sudo apt-get install August 27, 2008 Wes "First make sure that you have a bootable Windows Vista installation DVD, as you will be unable to use your computer if you don't." Does that mean However, if GParted terminated abnormally it could leave this file on the computer. any help would be appreciated!

Shannon VanWagner http://healthysystem.blogspot.com August 19, 2008 Steve WOW! I resized my "J:\" non-vista ntfs partition along with resizing the "C:\" vista partition. Error: msdos disk labels do not support partition names. The following commands are entered at the command line when using the Recovery Console from the Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation disk.

Word for making your life circumstances seem much worse than they are If Six Is Easy, Is Ten So Hard? This means that in the terminal you should use sudo for commands that require root privileges; simply prepend sudo to all the commands you would normally run as Root.RootSudo In Ubuntu I wanted to size my partitions, including the one with vista on it and it worked perfectly. in the section labeled ‘used' there is a blank.

Here's the output of the error: GParted 0.18.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid --enable-online-resize Libparted 2.3 Shrink /dev/sdb1 from 7.47 GiB to 2.59 GiB 00:00:05 ( ERROR ) calibrate /dev/sdb1 00:00:00 ( SUCCESS ) path: Of course, the data saved can't be larger than the target partition. A: It is not possible. June 25, 2008 Thor Thanks a lot, you saved my day!

And thank you Dennis for your advice as well! This has worked great on my work laptop for months now. It took awhile because of the size of the partitions, but it worked perfectly! I chose not to do it or to know hat they did either.

It should turn orange. You don't want to do anything to this area. I try to run the testdisk utility from GParted still have a same issue. The error the restore utilities return is "Partition table corrupt 0x490" Oh well, back to the drawing board.

You will now enable yourself with technology, more than ever before. I find this one more robust than the gparted livecd. Can't really get better than that. The same goes for copy, resize etc.... 3.

read below! :) Q: When I hit the "save/commit" button i get "Error commiting device... I develop it during weekend or late night, 'cause at work i cannot use Linux :( So please don't blame me if a lot of work must be done to finish Thanks a lot. Does anyone know of any recovery software of some kind?

October 5, 2007 Mascot9 Many thanks to dean186 for the clarification. If you do use another tool, there are some limitations. It just says that the boot is corrupted. When I try to run it from the menu system, I see it appear on the status bar with the spinning hourglass, but after a period of time, it completely disappears

Neither my system restore CD nor a Vista CD I downloaded could fix the partition. August 9, 2007 OJ Using Partition Magic or any other third party tool that requires an installation doesn't always work. See FAQ #21 for Mac OS X. 7: Is there a maximum to the amount of operations in the list?