Madura FC Mute Persiwa Wamena

Madura FC Mute Persiwa Wamena

Madura FC Mute Persiwa Wamena

Madura FC succeeded in securing full points against Persiwa Wamena in the last 16 of Group D League 2 at Stadium A Agen Bola Terpercaya. Yani Sumenep, Madura, East Java, Wednesday (27/09/2017). The hosts won 2-1.

Shown in public alone, Madura FC immediately appear pressing since the first round kick off. It did not take long for the hosts to score. When the game lasted 13 minutes, Andre Vemberyono listed his name on the scoreboard and change the position to 1-0.

Persiwa tried to get up after a goal behind. However, the efforts of foster children Djoko Susilo is always aground at the feet of the players behind Madura FC. The 1-0 position lasts until the first 45 minutes are over.

In the second half, Madura FC did not relax the attack despite having excelled. The public host re-cheered as Beny Ashar scored and changed the score to 2-0.

The visitors scored six minutes after Madura FC’s second goal through Janneth Y Silvester Kamare’s goal. 2-1 score for Madura FC lasted until the fight was over.

Thanks to this victory, Madura FC now pocketed three points from two games .. While the new Persiwa collect one point.

Madura coach FC Salahudin is grateful for his side’s victory. However, he claimed still not satisfied with the performance of Laskar Jokotole.

“The journey is still long, the team still has many shortcomings, the team still needs to be fixed, starting from front, middle, and back,” said former Barito Putra coach.

While coach Persiwa Wamena Djoko Sulilo congratulate Madura FC victory. According to him, two home goals caused the players lack of focus in the first minute.

“In the early minutes, both in the first and second half, our defenders are less focused, so this is our own mistake,” said Djoko, lenbih lanjut.

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