First Round AFF Cup U-18, Indonesia Unggul 5-0 over the Philippines

First Round AFF Cup U-18, Indonesia Unggul 5-0 over the Philippines

First Round AFF Cup U-18, Indonesia Unggul 5-0 over the Philippines

U-19 national team Indonesia performed extraordinarily with a landslide 5-0 win over the Philippines until the end of the first round of the second Group B match AFF U-18 Cup at Thuwunna Stadium, Thursday (7/9/2017).

U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, down three new players in this fight. The three players are Samuel Christianson, Asnawi Mangkualam, and Syaharin Abimanyu.

Garuda Nusantara had received a threat first by kick from distance Mariano Suba in the fourth minute.

Luckily, goalkeeper Muhamad Riyandi managed to do a brilliant rescue by dismissing the ball Suba.

The threat was rewarded U-19 national team goals by Feby Eka Putra in the 9th minute. From outside the penalty box, Feby fired hard that can not dammed goalkeeper Quincy Kammeraad.

After that, Indonesia is unstoppable. In the 22nd minute, turn Egy Maulana who listed his name on the scoreboard.

The player from Medan was scored by utilizing the wild ball inside the penalty box. Egy left foot shot made the ball nestled into the middle of the Philippine goalkeeper.

Five minutes later, Indonesia winning 3-0. The third goal of Indra Sjafri’s army was created by Muhammad Iqbal using cross from Feby Eka Putra.

U-19 national team then get a penalty in the 30th minute. Unfortunately, Asnawi who advanced as an executioner failed after the ball successfully ignored.

Six months later, Indonesia for the second time get a penalty. This time, Egy who advanced as a successful executor nest.

Iqbal for the second time listed his name on the scoreboard in the 40th minute. Player numbered back 6 is breaking the opponent’s goal through free kick execution.

Goals are the last nicks and Indonesia 5-0 lead.

Indonesia while winning 5 goals without reply to the Philippines.
Philippines: 1-Quincy Kammeraad; 3-Lemark Unabia, 6-Ellyhone Rasonable, 12-Vince Eric, 15-Lean Panes; 5-Robert Lawrence, 9-Kier John, 13-Fidel Victor, 14-Mark Francis; 7-Marcel Ivan, 10-Mariano Junior

Coach: Jose Maria

Indonesia: 1-Muhamad Riyandi; 4-Samuel Christianson, 13-Rachmat Irianto (C), 5-Nurhidayat Haris, 12-Rifad Marasabessy; 20-Asnawi Mangkualam; 14-Feby Eka Putra, 27-Syahrian Abimanyu, 10-Egy Maulana Vikri; 6-Muhammad Iqbal; 19-Hanis Saghara

Coach: Indra Sjafri

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