Bobotoh Persib Reveals Reason Throw Persija Players

Bobotoh Persib Reveals Reason Throw Persija Players

Bobotoh Persib Reveals Reason Throw Persija Players

Bandung – Bobotoh Persib again injured the game with unsportsmanlike action, ie throwing bottles of mineral water into the field. This time the target is Persija Jakarta.

In a match that was held at the Stadium Gelora Bandung Ocean of Fire (GBLA), Gedebage Bandung, Saturday (22/07/2017), barely stop bobotoh Persib throwing action.

Not only during the game, but the pitch also occurred after the match referee blew the long whistle marking the end of the game.

No doubt, the camp Persija start players, coaches until team officials have to leave the field into the dressing room with the help of the police.

One of the Viking Persib Club (VPC) managers, Agus Rahmat, representing bobotoh said the throwing was a form of bobotoh disappointment to the players of Persija. Because, players Kemayoran Tiger team looks often stalling time rather than serve Persib game.

“They (Persija) deliberately provoke anger bobotoh with stalling time, so, as a form of anger, bobotoh throwing,” said Agus to, Sunday (23/07/2017).

In addition, the man who is familiarly called Gusdul said anger bobotoh Persib increasingly not restrained because in the action the organizing committee deliberately raise the price of tickets than usual.

“Maybe because they get expensive and difficult tickets, but not worth the match, so do not be different for the member or nonmember because I think it could trigger anger bobotoh Persib,” he said.

Increase of Ticket Price

Gusdul also did not deny his emotions a bit hooked with the ticket price issued by the panpel. Especially in the game pride team failed to reap the full points.

“It’s upset because we can not win against Persija, especially because Persija plays with 10 players but let’s hope that with this series the draw will make for the players and the team of Persib,” he concluded.

For the record, Panpel Persib was deliberately increase the price of special tickets Persib vs Persija match. One reason, to reduce interest bobotoh witnessed directly because there is a concern GBLA Stadium is not able to accommodate the enthusiasm of the loyal supporters.

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